I want too choose among c++ + qt + php and java for my programming language and platform please help me too choose best platform
I want to choose a platform that has this features : speed, portable
I am c++ programmer and familiar with java programming language
i want to choose java for my platform but my background for java programs that is they are not speed programs
i want to write programs for linux & windows and web( php or java jsp ) and mobile
witch is best for web programming( php or java jsp ) and programming for cloud computing and ajax programs?
witch is best for desktop programming ( c++ + qt or java )?
witch is best for mobile programms all platforms like android and windows mobile and symbian and blackberry and ...?
witch generate swift programms?
witch is appropriate for interprise applications?
if i want to write a download manager program i choose c++ + qt or java?
i want to port a fdm download manager to linux that fdm writes with c++ and windows librarys.
please help me to choose best platform for my ends.

as per my knowledge..

for an Enterprise,web application,Mobile apps choose java(j2ee/j2se/j2me) .

for Desktop,Networking,Hardware Interaction,Embedded choose c/c++.

another possibility is JNI ,through which we can aid c/c++ support for Java.

that is we can leverage our application by combining java and c/c++,perl,etc..using JNI.

for small scale web application PHP also good.

these are all open source.

Microsoft product also useful but it is not open source.it is cost oriented and platform dependent.

so choice is yours.:)

thanx musthafa.aj
java web applications is swift like asp.net application
php applicatios are so slower than asp.net apps
how java in web applications?
i want choose a programming language for cloud computing and web plz help me to choose best.
my favorite os is linux and my favorite community is open source community.

If portability across operating systems is important, and you need the power of a full programming language, the Java is the obvious choice. The only reasons for using C++ would be a need to program at a very low level (device drivers etc) or for absolutely massive applications where every ounce of speed is essential.

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