Good Evening to all..
Can someone help with regards to converting decimal to hexadecimal?
I'm using stack.
I am done. in doing Dec to binary and Decimal to Octal.
My problem is how to convert decimal to hex? specially if its include now with letters A to D..

pls i really need ur answers or suggestions.. here is my code for converting dec to hex.

System.out.print("Enter a Decimal Value:");
            System.out.print("HexaDecimal equivalent");

my problem is that.. how about if the pop value is 10? basically it should be converted into letter A. but how to do that? pls me... i really need to finish my program.. :(

I assume you have an int in the range 0 -15, so the clean way to do it is to have an arrray of chars, initilised to '0' ... 'F' and use the int as an index into this array.

What I described will convert your int to the corresponding char 0 - F.
What do you want to do with next?

sir, can you give me psuedocode for it pls? so that i can understand it very well

Just try it - you will learn a lot more that way.