#include <iostream> 
#include <string>

using namespace std;

class w {

    void InsertRow(String* myConnection)
        // If the connection string is null, use a default.
        if (myConnection->Equals(S""))
            myConnection = S"DRIVER= {SQL Server};SERVER=MyServer;Trusted_connection=yes;DATABASE=idb;";
        OdbcConnection* myConn = new OdbcConnection(myConnection);
        String* myInsertQuery = S"INSERT INTO test (id)";
        OdbcCommand* myOdbcCommand = new OdbcCommand(myInsertQuery);
        myOdbcCommand->Connection = myConn;

hai i m trying to connect visual studio C++ to mysql, i m using odbc method... i have connect the database to the visual studio, but i dnt know the code need to connect in the c++ ( example for vb.net we will use the dim.... database name all and establish connection) i need the same thing in c++,

i have try this code ealier post above but its not working>..

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You need to start learning ODBC in C from a tutorial. Lots of them on the net, including this one. Its a lot more difficult than what you knew in VB, so be patient and study the tutorial.

There are a few c++ wrapper classes to make it a little easier for you. Just google for them and you will find them. Some are free but some are not.

And for the record VC++ is not a language. Its just an IDE and compiler which lets you write standard c++ and c code. You shouldn't confuse the two.

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we had similar question recently. You may look here. Possibly you already know this older post by yourself.

If you don't like classless plain odbc (mysql: Connector/ODBC) you could make use of mysql: Connector/C++. There are also nice tutorials on Connector/C++.

-- tesu

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