hello evry1
my name is saurav and i'm doing my 3rd yr computer engg in diploma and as evry1 knw dat we hav to make a project in the last yr.
so can u plzz suggest me some topics in java and .net bcas i'm a diploma student.
plzz suggest me as many topics as u can
thank u,

And as a "diploma" student you don't learn how to write? Creativity is also not desired, it seems (i.e. you can't even think of a possible "topic"). Self-reliance is also not found in the class description or you'd have used Google and found a million other threads that ask this same question.

if u can help me so plzz do so else let it be.i'm vry tensed bcas in my grp only i have to do d entire project on my own.i hav many topics bt i need some more to think wat shud i choose

thn s ggle nd lrn hw t tp bcs ths sms spk s rl pn.

If you need help with translating from your language to English, try using the Google translator.

Besides lazy typing I think this is the wrong forum for this. You should be in the Computer Science Forum.

need project on face recognition technique with source code in java

Hai i m doing Final year BTECH IT ,we need project titles based on java/.Net.
Project members -3
time period 3-4 months

Hey, these guys only need project titles
Surely you could come up with some titles.

"In urgent need of help!"

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