1) how can a user close a tab page including the tab after viewing it??

2) how do i disallow the user from opening the 2 or more of the tab page? (my tab page is opened by button click) i dont want to disable the button after opening 1 tab page.. any other ways to disallow opening the same tab page?


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Seems to me that, if you're wanting USER action to close the tab page, then you would need to have code that would hide the tab page when a certain event occurs (like a button click or a change to a field value).

Not sure I understand the second question; unless I'm confused by what you refer to as a "tab page", tab controls can only display one page at a time by design. If you're wanting to keep a user from RE-OPENING a previously viewed tab, then you might be looking at some sort of conditional disabling of the page after it has been displayed.

I'm not a good enough coder yet to give you any more technical detail than that, but hopefully the conceptual info will guide you in the right direction.


I'm thinking he is opening a window/form that has several tabs and he wants to prevent the user from opening more than one window/form. But that is just a guess. Need more details from him if he wants help.



thanks for all those replies.

i managed to solve the first question (to close a tab page after viewing) by adding a button to the tab page n writing the click event>> tabControl1.TabPages.Remove(tabPage1);

for the 2nd problem (not to allow user to open the same tab page when one is currently opened), i set conditions to >>

if (tabControl1.TabPages.Contains(tabPage1)) // Check if a tabpage is already opened
                    // To cause no effect when button to open tab page is clicked after one tabpage is opened


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