I want to connect to an FTP server and transfer a file with Java. I could not find anything about secure FTP.Can anybody help me about this?

I also want to ask that if i can connect to an FTP server using SSL with command line. If i can connect with command line;can not I connect with executing command line arguments embedded in my Java code?

Thanks for information.

What does Google say about secure FTP? Does it exist?

If you are using Windows 2008 server (IIS7) then it supports FTP over Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This feauture allows to be encrypted between an FTP client and server.
You can use FTP clients like filezilla which supports FTP over SSL.

first, you must make sure that your FTP server supports FTPS. There are two kinds, implicit and explicit SSL that run on ports 21 and 990 respectively. Second, you need to use a Java FTP library that supports FTPS. Secure FTP Factory supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols.

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