First of all, I would like to say that I'm a newbie in visual studio. I come from a php/mysql background involved in web development.

My task here is to create an real estate application for my company. I have so many questions but first I would like to know how to have the navbar menu links to work with different windows.

I have created a navbar with 2 groups: properties and clients. I have already added a gridview and linked it to a table. I want the grid to appear on clients and another grid to appear on properties. How can I achieve that?

Thank you.

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If i have understood correctly you want each gridview to be shown when you click one of the nav buttons. You can do this with a TabControl; place each datagrid in a different page then show/hide the tab pages when the buttons are clicked. This is propably the simplest method, but for flexibility and expandability i'd suggest looking into an MDI Parent form with your navbar on it; whenever you click the nav buttons you can open/close/show/hide child forms with your different controls on them. Theres a tutorial here that can get you started.

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