I am newbie in perl. I am currently working on a project to access the parallel port of a pc in perl on a linux operating system.

I really do not know where to start. Could anyone help me with useful links, books, resources..etc that could be of explicit help in accessing the parallel port using perl. I need this urgently if i am to finish my project on time.



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I'm pretty sure that the parallel port is a device in /dev, I'm not sure which one it will be (depends on which one you are trying to access), but you may have to do a sysread or syswrite on that device (there is probably a way to open it too) let me see:


That should get you on your way :)

thanks,but it is not comprehensive enough. i really need something from the basics.


so, you want to understand how the parallel port works with data, or binary, or what? I'm a little confused as to what exactly you need.

I understand how the parallel port works, what i want to understand are the codes that i can use to send and receive data from the parallel port using perl. something like a tutorial explaining the necessary codes would do.



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