Im writing a program (has been a little while) which will gather files off my computer and make a new partition the right size to store them.
I would like this to be automated since it would help if I use it on friends machines.

So pretty much what I would like to know is, is there a way for me to create a partition from using and api's etc rather than having to downloading partition manager each time.

Hello? No one know anything about this then?

It's seems so.
Have you tried google, keywords VB.NET AND partitioning? Perhaps you'll find something there to help you.

Tried googling, Not alot of help. The only site that seems to have an answer wants me to pay.

Well. What can I say.
It's not an easy thing to accomplish.
The quickest course of action I can think of is using some API from PartitionMagic or something similar.

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