I have recently converted my old project based on C#.NET to my new V.Studio 2010, the project was first created using .NET framework 2.0.

In my designer mode within VS2010, all combo boxes, buttons etc. look new (like windows xp button/vista/7 application buttons). however, whenever i debug or even release the application, all buttons, text boxes, combo boxes, etc. become old fashioned like windows 98 application buttons. I don't understand why. I have changed the build configuration to .NET framework 4 and still.

Any idea guys?

If i started a new project from VS2010, everything looks okay. Just this converted version. :(

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Open "Program.cs" file and add this line above "Application.Run(new Form1());": Application.EnableVisualStyles(); The reason everything is looking old-fashioned is because you haven't enabled VisualStyles.

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Must remember to check that when I upgrade, thanks
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