I need help in VB6 :

Here is the requirements:

a) Browse for new images. Minimum of JPG, BMP and GIF image files shall be supported
b) Select images for a new group
c) Assign name to a group and save a group in a file or database
d) Assigned short alias name to an image file or use the original base file name
e) Open and view images from a saved group
f) Sort in group by image file date, file size or alias name
g) Add new images to a group
h) View image by clicking on the image file name or alias name in the group list
i) View images in full size or scaled down to the limits of the viewing area
j) Drag an image in all directions while it is already open in the viewing area
k) Run a 10 seconds interval slide show in the viewing area of all images in a selected group

debasisdas commented: posted assignment. -1

Please read the posting rules at the top of the forum. We do not mind helping you at all, but at least show some effort from your side too.

What have you designed or coded to date? Are you receiving errors and where?

We will most certainly not carry out homework assignments for anybody on this forum.

so try at 1st. you can take help from any search engine step by step what you said your post.
good luck.

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