Hi, this is my first C++ forum post. I'm having issues with including the library libcurl (found here). I want to include it in my project so I can start working with it, because a friend of mine showed me just how powerful the library is. These are my specs:

Compiler: CodeLite
Linux Version: 10.40.1 Unbuntu

Please help me out with this. I've searched for, and found multiple tutorials on downloading the files. I believe I have the proper files downloaded, but have no idea how to utilize them. I am fairly new to Linux itself, but not computers at all.

If you could explain to me how to include the source files in this project to me, I'd really be grateful. Thank-you!

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Join their mailing list and ask them. Nothing like getting the info straight from the horse's mouth (American joke - sorry if others don't understand it.)

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