Hi All,
Am new to this area, it would great if any one help me on my request.
I would like to retrieve each words co-ordiantes (x,y axis) from a jpg file, which is scanned hard copy.
I know this can be done with the help of OCR sdk's. But i dont know how to integrate those sdk's with my .net application and retrieve the value. It would be great if some one suggest me the best way or sample codes to do that.....


I don't know how to recognise the character, but this code could help you:

Imports System.Drawing

        ' image is PictureBox control

        Dim bitmap As New Bitmap("LOCATION TO IMAGE")
        Dim rectangle As New Rectangle(New Point(image.Location.X, image.Location.Y), New Size(bitmap.Size.Width, bitmap.Size.Height))

        image.DrawToBitmap(bitmap, rectangle)

        For i = 0 To bitmap.Size.Width Step +1
            For f = 0 To bitmap.Size.Height Step +1
                If bitmap.GetPixel(i, f) = Color.Black Then
                    ' add cordinates to some ListBox or array
                End If

Thanks Jugo,
But what am exactly looking for is: I have a scanned copy of a page (saved as .jpg file), from that .jpg i need to find out the each words x and y axis.
I came to know that using OCR tools we can retrieve words but the thing is i want the co-ordinates too...


Thanks Oxiegen, :)
Already i have gone thro that page, my request is "how to integrate the sdk in .net"


If the file that you have downloaded is dll library, add reference to your project.

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