Hi guys I have made an advanced vb webbrowser and I'm hoping for you comments its in beta stage do you have any suggestions/feedback.

features I didn't list:

1. Non ie based webkit based
2. supports file downloads.
3. User Login based supports multiple user data configurations
4. Supports Theming
5. Has browsing filter
6. Has lock function to protect the page your working on.
7. Has text editor,calculator,Tic Tac Toe
8. Supports process starting

video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItKHmTRteoY

Looks good. Very interesting indeed.

A couple of questions though.
How compatible is it with all the HTML, CSS and javascript standards out there?
And for those of us who like to use keyboard shortcuts, for browsing pages, instead of using the mouse, how are you implementing those?