Hey there, i have been writing python scripts for about 4 months now so i am still very new at programming. that said, i need to build a gui app to handle some data manipulation from a database, set points, etc... what i would like is the easiest to learn gui development method for python in linux. Dont need anything cross platform, just easy to learn but able to do things like plotting info on a graph. ok, so i have looked at Tkinter, glade2 and wxPython. i dont know, but i would like some opinions before i jump into one.

I started out with Tkinter for my GUI stuff, but tend to use wxPython more and more. wxPython is more up to date (more fancy widgets) and gives me more control over the placement of the widgets/components.

cool thanks, i saw an app wxglade that looked pretty cool. even if not, i think i am leaning more that way because of desiring a more native look.

wxGlade looks interesting too. I ended up with a copy of it when I downloaded movablePython. It is a plugin for the SPE editor.

If I am too lazy to build my own wxPython forms, I use BOA Constructor's form builder option. I don't think BOA works with Linux though.

i have boa installed, but never use it much. i use eric sometimes when scripting because it shows a little bug when i have a syntax error. i like it, but i think wxglade is going to help me learn wx better.