i'm looking to interface C++ programs with matlab image processing and AT commands that are used for sms..The project i'm creating involves a user sending an sms which acts as a trigger, the program should read the data from the sms(it's stored in memory),it should then start a matlab script which does some image processing and output's data to the C++ program which then sends an sms back to the same user using AT commands..

I would really appreciate any help in this project.

First off, I can't help on the AT side, but I know matlab pretty well. There are essentially two possibilities: either run in matlab and use DLLs to interface to C++ code to deal with AT commands and whatever else, or compile matlab using RTLab. So if you are in matlab, you can wrap all you C++ code inside some dynamic link libraries (DLL) and call them from matlab (all I know how to do is from SimuLink with SFunctions). Otherwise, you need the package RTLab in matlab which allows you to compile the matlab code into a DLL and then call it from your C++ code. One way or the other is a bit of work.

So third option, if all you need to do is some image processing in matlab, why don't you use the library OpenCV (Open-source Computer Vision libraries)? They have all image processing, stereo vision, matching, filtering, etc. etc. functions built-in as c++ code, so that would solve the problem. I know people who use this library and apparently it is very good!

Generally speaking, interfacing matlab and C++ is rarely worth the trouble because most matlab code can be translated into C++ quite easily, and it executes much faster.

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