hi i am a student of computer science.i am learning the c programming language.we spend all our time writing programs which tells itself a secret like adding numbers,kid stuff etc. i want to know the real thing.can anyone tell me what are the real time applications of C.?

c is a low-level programming language which means you have lots of controls over your pc, if you code is well then it can be as fast as assembly...
also many other languages have c-like syntax...

Some venerable operating systems, databases, spreadsheets and wordprocessors were written in C before C++ came along.


I use C on some of my linux computers that read data in from the parallel ports, and game ports, to signal what equipment does outside the box. It then computes an internal "answer" and logs the time in realtime. It runs in a RAM disk on the linux box, so that it only hits the hard drive when doing a write.

Pure C is wonderful for terminal projects and device drivers too. I prefer C++ language for outputing text, but to be honest, I do not understand C++ classes... therefore my execution of the language is limited.


>> can anyone tell me what are the real time applications of C.?
Take a look at any application you use. Chances are good that it's written in C, written in a language implemented in C, or written in a language derived from C.

I think most excllent part of C is that you can intract with hardware very easily. Also try making programs on Encryption and Decryption, data compression and my fav. graphics.

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