i need help in controlling mouse click in python. Example would be 'clicking File menu --> Save Us--> Save' on its own.

I have this code for launching an app, for example a textfile. but i dont know how to control its mouse click. Advice please.

import os

class LaunchApp:
   def launch(self):
      os.system("open "+ "/Applications/TextEdit.app")

go = LaunchApp()

i tried making my own code.. but it does not work

if line.find(phase1) != -1:											
		while 1:
			try :
				parent = winDoc.tool_bars[1].groups[3].menu_buttons[1]	
				ph.buttonClick(winDoc, 4)								
			except :

		parent = winDoc													
		root = parent


Since you are running an app outside of the Python environment, via os.system, the mouse is controlled by the external app that you are running.

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