Hi guys,

I'm looking for any help in converting image files to video files by reading a full image folder using C# .Net 2.0 onwards.

Vishnu Shayan

That kind of conversions are usually made between image formats or video formats, seldom from images to video. There are plenty of free conversion applications and you'll find them with a little googling.

If you find an application that converts a bunch of images to some video file, check if it supports commandline or batch conversion. Then you could call that converter from your C# application. That's the easiest way.


Thanks HTH ill check tat, but i'm still not sure if i can find such a converter.. i have googled about it wit no luck till now...

Vishnu Shayan

First googling and two pretty good results. Both are jpeg to avi converters:
PhotoLapse, freeware for Windows
JPEG to MJPEG-AVI converter, open source, hasn't been developed for a few years, source code available (C-code for unix I guess), could be possibly ported to C#.


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