hi..i just want to make a messagebox that has an image in but i couldn't find the way.

it tried to make a bitmap of the image and put it on the messagebox like

but it was wrong...any ideas???

MessageBox is usefull, but no! You cannot put an image other than the ones provided into it. No problem: create a Form class to imitate the behaviour of the message box. Because it would be a class of your own design, you can do in it what you want;)

thnx...i think i can do that :D

Any trouble, questions with that? Only one address! DANIWEB!
Lots of succes!

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If you want a unique picture than ddanbe is right.

There are about 5 images..well actually icons rather than you can display in a message box. These are similar to your standard windows error messages. Example:

System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show ("Danger Will Robinson", "ERROR!",

But these aren't really images.