hi..i just want to make a messagebox that has an image in but i couldn't find the way.

it tried to make a bitmap of the image and put it on the messagebox like

but it was wrong...any ideas???

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MessageBox is usefull, but no! You cannot put an image other than the ones provided into it. No problem: create a Form class to imitate the behaviour of the message box. Because it would be a class of your own design, you can do in it what you want;)

thnx...i think i can do that :D

Any trouble, questions with that? Only one address! DANIWEB!
Lots of succes!

commented: that's classic +2

If you want a unique picture than ddanbe is right.

There are about 5 images..well actually icons rather than you can display in a message box. These are similar to your standard windows error messages. Example:

System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show ("Danger Will Robinson", "ERROR!",

But these aren't really images.

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