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Hello guys

This time the problem is basic, I want to install Windows Mobile SDK for Pocket PC so I downloaded and opened it, it shows me the first screen of the installation, but when i click next it shows an error telling me that not all of the development tools required are installed. I have a Windows 7 Home Premium OS, the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition and the .NET compact Framework 2.0 SP2, so i think i have all the requirements to install it.
Is there any known problem with 64bits versions of Windows 7 and Windows Mobile SDK?

Thanks for any answer

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I have tried doing this but the windows mobile 5.0 SDK is not compatibale with visual studio 2010. One of microsofts tricks i suspect of them trying to lure you into buying all their stuff. that is why i have visual studio 2008 professional because i have a windows mobile 5.0 phone ( Dell axim ) so i installed the 5.0 sdk using that.
Basically what i am saying is , as far as i know windows mobile 5.0 sdk is not compatible with visual studio 2010, whereas windows mobile 5.0 is compatible with visual studio 2008 PROFESSIONAL!

This is one of microsofts sick jokes... lets just cut out windows mobile 5 since windows mobile 6 is out...

Anyway i hope i have explained fully and leave the random last paragraph out if you want!

Have fun


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yeah yeah, I investigated more and found that VS2010 supports only Windows OS 7 for mobile devices... and i got VS2008 to be able to develop my programs.
Thanks for the answer anyway!

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