Hi frinends,
I am Arunkumar I have to write a code to fetch every information from a computer including Hardware ,Software and every thing from system....i wrote code to get hardware information but i need help to fetch software information from system..please any one can help me

This is the code for what you asked . you can modify it as you wish.
This will not run or show Exception if your system has protection with Anti-virus or some access permission problem.

>>>>>>>>>> Do Not use the code for anything to harm any system <<<<<<<<<<

import java.lang.Runtime;
import java.lang.management.RuntimeMXBean;
import java.lang.System;

public class Sys {

	public void numberOfPros()
		int k;
		String OSName = new String();
		String OSVer = new String();
		String OSArch, userName,userHome,userDir;
		String javaVMName,jSpecVer,jDir;		

		Runtime  runtime = Runtime.getRuntime();
		k = runtime.availableProcessors();
		OSName = System.getProperty("os.name");
		OSVer = System.getProperty("os.version");
		OSArch = System.getProperty("os.arch");
		userName = System.getProperty("user.name");
		userHome = System.getProperty("user.home");
		userDir = System.getProperty("user.dir");
		javaVMName = System.getProperty("java.vm.name");
		jSpecVer = System.getProperty("java.specification.version");
		jDir =System.getProperty("java.home");

//		System.setProperty("user.name","");

		System.out.println("------------YOUR COMPUTER DETAILS--------------");

		System.out.println("------------PROCESSOR DETAILS----------------");		
		System.out.println("\t\tNumber of Processors :"+k);		
		System.out.println("\n\n--------------OS DETAILS--------------------");
		System.out.println("\t\tNumber of OS :"+OSName);
		System.out.println("\t\tOS Version:"+OSVer);		
		System.out.println("\t\tOS Architecture :"+OSArch);				

		System.out.println("\n\n--------------OS DETAILS--------------------");
		System.out.println("\t\tUser Home Directory :"+userHome);		
		System.out.println("\t\tUser Current Directory :"+userDir);		

		System.out.println("\n\n--------------JAVA DETAILS--------------------");
		System.out.println("\t\tJava VM Name :"+javaVMName);		
		System.out.println("\t\tJava Specification Version :"+jSpecVer);			
		System.out.println("\t\tJava Installed Directory :"+jDir);	


	public static void main(String args[])
		Sys systemInfo= new Sys();


| new_programmer |

i need help to fetch software information from system

What is software information? The presence of an .exe file? Or a jar file? Or a .com file or any of the possible executable files that can be on a disk somewhere.

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