Hello, I'm working on a authentication project which I don't want to run through a compiled .exe (to easy to hex edit or crack). So I was thinking about having the user enter the password in a compiled MFC App. When user clicks, "Authenticate" the entered information will be sent to a webpage or database where it will then be compared. I wanted to take a shortcut from having to learn all about asp.net so I was thinking I could use Java in the C++ program. So the question I have is, is it possible to carry over variables from one language to another?

I know you can link C and C++ by:

extern "C" char* funtion

But I'm not sure how I would do it for something other than C.

if your using .NET the answer is yes, absolutly indeedie. Microsoft wont shut up about there interopertability..

the whole exchange of varibles is spost to happen using the CLR (commen language runtime)

Implement a Java .NET class (If your lucky you can use the standard java api with this but i have never used java and .NET together so i wouldn't have a clue)

then use that class in your C++ program.

Good luck anyway, if that dosn't work do a google for "java .net interoperability"

this may help


from the sound of what I have read on the net you might have some troubles.