Please Help me.

1. In a LoginForm1 two textbox are present and a button also.
2. first user enter username & password in these field of LoginForm1.
3. After enter username & password by click the login button in the loginForm1 and a new
form2 is open.
4. when the new form2 is open another child form3 is open along with this new form2.
5. I want to set a lable in the child form3.
6. I want to set the text of lable from the text of textbox in the LoginForm1.

so please help me in C# code. How to implement this.

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We have helped you. You have been shown two ways to do this both in your original thread and your other thread related to showing a single instance of a form.
We are not here to write the code for you. We will give you advise and guidance but you need to do the work yourself, that's how you learn.
If there is something specific in the advise we have given you that you don't understand then please post in your original thread to tell us what you need explained.

Kindly mark this thread as solved so we can keep all the posts together in one thread.

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