I am self learning c#. and want to display predefined image/text
on screen.

Please this is not within any frame or window

this messages dislays some where on desktop / screen.

Like screen saver we see only images and text flashing
Similar way I want to display it on screen.

Please provide me pointers and directions what to use or what to study and read for this


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Everything is displayed in a window, event the screen savers.
For screen savers the window is full size and has no borders or title bar.
You can do the same thing with the c# forms.
Set the form's FormBorderStyle property to None.

Note: Make sure you have a way to close the form before you test this as you will loose the X button at the top.


Hi thanks
1) everything is displayed on a window

I have seen a custom reminder app
where app control are in other window and message flashes above all other windows.

Is it possible in C sharp? i want to create a similar thing. opening another window for message?


It sure is. Everything is based on the windows form controls, it's just about how you configure them.

I suggest you do some googling around the issue. Some keystrings that may be useful are "alert windows C#" & "always on top C#".


That is a new question and you should realy start a new thread.
Essencially, yes it is possible. However, if you mean to put windows over other applications then finding the position of the other app windows is not easy.
Start a new thread and maybe someone will advise you.


HI thanks every one I have found the solution.
Since I am new to this I will ask few more questions

and sorry for every question I will start a new thread. as advised.

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