I need help counting the number of times a particular number is used in a text file...
and to output a number of results to a text file...

01 40 39 01 72 39 36 56 72
82 39
56 62 38 03 03 06 38 30 42 ###

39 = 3
01 = 2
72 = 2
36 = 1

read 2:
03 = 2
06 = 1

### = end/restart count

can anyone help??

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well I know there's a better way than just using var01 through var99 and increasing the value on every instance the var is assigned to...
(using a 'string = file.read(3)' type code)

that's an easy but time consuming code...

but I kinda need something before I go to bed today...

I'm not the best with python even though it's my best code... (excluding html)

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read whole file in variable

for parts using partition method
     for by words by split
         if word before in dictionary 
             add dictionary count 
         else assign dictionary count for word to 1
     output or save count for part

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sry for noobness...
I guess I'm still kinda new to py... :$

uhh... what's the partition method??


I never understood the tutorials...
I'm going by basic knowledge...
(you see my problem)

can anyone maybe show me an example code I can go by??

again, sry for the inconvienience :icon_redface:


You will also want to know how to do tonyjv's lines 5, 6, 7

  • The very best way is to use collections.Counter if you have it in your version of Python. Discover whether you do by trying to do this: from collections import Counter If it works, you are golden, and your code looks like this
    from collections import Counter
    numcounter = Counter()
    for line in readlines(theOpenedInputFile):
      # numcouner.keys() is the set of distinct numbers seen
  • Without collections.Counter , there is an obvious way:
    #split each line into words and work one word at a time:
    if word in countDictionary:
      countDictionary[word] += 1
      countDictinary[word] = 1
  • Or you can use setdefault :
    countDictionary[word] += 1

I'm sorry...

I'm just not getting it... :icon_confused:

I guess I'm just gonna go with the long way...
it's the only way I can actually think of to program...

thanx for the help though and I will look back on this :icon_smile:

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