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The only one I know of is Brainbench but it is not a proper certification because you can take the test at home. There are other tests e.g. previsor and IKM.


Could anybody please tell me some competitive certification exams for c and c++

There are none that I'm aware of. Sure, you can find certifications for C and C++, but they are hardly respected in the professional world. It's a waste of money, in my opinion.


I agree with Narue, I have never heard of legitimate certifications for C/C++. In my experience, only experience rings well in employers ears. But personal experience counts too, don't be satisfied with the exercises from a course or book, take some initiative to start your own projects and get experience that way. Then, you may join some open-source projects to gain more professional experience while you are still at school or looking for a job. If you came out of school and have no experience outside of coursework, then it looks pretty bad.. I hope that's not your situation. On the other end, if you have no academic background or "certification" in C++, but have a lot of experience, then don't worry about a "certification" or something, the experience will be impressive enough to possible employers (unless they are brain-dead!), at least that's from my experience and the people I know. For example, in the 3D game industry (which is almost exclusively in C++), in many places, not even half of the people have a computer science degree of some sort, let alone "certifications", many are just talented programmers, sometimes even coming straight out of high-school. If you prove you are talented and experienced by your record of past projects it will far surpass any "certification" or amount of exams you passed and what grades you got.

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