i have a .jar file that i want to run one certain computers on the network. Since these comps are changed out sometimes i wanted to add the java jdk that is up to date, the jdbc connector, and my .jar. I also have a batch file that copys and paste things in the correct locations and creates links and this and that.

But how can i make a exe or something where everything is all in one little package and will run that way. I tried to use iexpress.exe but when i tried to use just the .exe file on another computer it loads all files into the temp folder and gives them random names in a random folder name. And since my .bat file cannot predict what file names the comp will make it cannt find the files corretly in the .bat file.

Any suggestions or answer will result in me giving u an e-high 5. Thanks!

Your title is a little misleading. Not really about executing a jar file.

It sounds like you are looking for an installer that will unpackage a file into subparts in specific locations and then execute one of the extracted files.

yes that is what i mean. id edit the post if i could now

there are several install-creators on the market, some (if I'm not mistaken) free for non-commercial use.
have you tried any of those yet?