pl could help..

I m a fresher , learnig Java.
I wat to know what happening in the IT industry(programing dovelopment).

could you please tell me any source to learn "how they are devoloping software projects from begining to the product release.

for example for a website dovelopment(Using Java) mostly what type of technologies they are using?
for that on which tools they depending for coding.?
what is devolopment process?

where can i find all like this information.?
is there any book for this to read and practice by myself..?

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you're welcome.

If I were you, I'd read the 1st and 2nd Wiki articles and find more related articles as such. the 3rd article is bit advanced and is of a bit complex.


sir ,

i want project example
with devolopment explanation.like

How it was devoloped from specification to coding and deployment.?
then only i can understand the concept. can't I?

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