Hi All,

I'v recently picked up a project that a previous developer started and who has subsiquently left. What Im trying to achieve, i'm not sure is possible without too much work!

I have a "week" component which contains the OnPaint, OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, OnMouseMove functions. This class basically draws a grid for the week and has blocks which show where things are booked in for example. This component is the repeateded multiple times, from a list<week> depending on how many weeks are required(obviously with the blocks relating to that week)

What I need to be able to do is to drag a block from one week to the next. I have the functionality sorted, its just the graphics side which needs sorting.

I can draw a block, which will follow the mouse arround within the week that the block is selected from. However if i try to move the mouse to another week, the block disapears as the mouse enters the next container. The OnMouseUp function is then called within the previous week, where the OnMouseDown function was called

All i need to do is to be able to draw a rectangle that will follow the mouse where ever after the mouse has been clicked.

A pointer in the right direction would be a great help


i face similar problem fewdays before, i solved it by using a way, which is not so logical or intelligent, but my jobs was done

when mousepress event occureed i redraw the cursor and set the flag and when again mouserealeased event occured i released the flag and agin cng to default cursor.
it looks like very fast drag and drop. and ofcourse change necessary gdi in both event.