Very new to this. Trying to create a console application with code::blocks. I'm told when I Ctrl+F9(Build->Build) I should see 0Errors, 0Warnings at the end of the process. I', also told when I Ctrl+F10 (Build->Run) an output window should open and I should see my first program execute.
"SayHello1 - Debug" uses an invalid compiler. Skipping...
Nothing to be done.
This is the message I receive and I can't help but think the problem lies in the compiler settings that I left untouched when initially creating the project. I'm a total noob to code and any type of programming. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah it is annoying because the new version of C::B doesn't come with MinGW. Just go to the MinGW website and download the latest version and drop it in your C::B directory.

Yes it does (version 10.05) still include MinGW. I guess that's the latest version

I'm running an older version, so I uninstalled it, then downloaded (binaries only) and installed the newest verson. Creted a new HelloWorld c++ program and it compiled without any problems.

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Oh alright then it was that its missing the C++ folder under include because I remember trying to find that and to get it I had to download MinGW. I'm still kind of confused about that.

The version of Code:Blocks that I downloaded was straight form the CD-ROM that came with the book I am learning from. I only assumed that the program contained everything I needed to follow the step-by-step process in the book that shows how to start a first-time project. I see nothing MinGW related (atleast not in the compiler drop-down menu that lets you choose the compiler. I wouldn't know where else to look).

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