hmm, well it looks like there are a lot of unknowns here. It seems like the analysis phase was not completed.
Here are some things you need to consider:
* is this going to be a real time or batch oriented inventory system?
* are you using a database or a flat file system?
* how many users will be accessing the information?
* what kind of output from the system are you looking for? is this going to be a MIS?

Its an inventory system for shopwhere we hv to calculate total no.of stock,details of all items with their price for customer to select,if any article is sold or any item is bought it shld b taken into account,tht is total account shld b added or subtracted frm total list.

hey... im not here to do homework for people... if you dont want to do the assignments dont take the class. If you put forth some effort im sure you will get some help.

thz for ur reply MR.Marikanna.i'm not asking anyboby to do home work for me .i just want guidence

When starting a database projects it is wise to decide and design the reports first. You need to know what you want out of the program before you can decide the best way to store all of the information is.

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