How can i copy file with 60GB of size with much faster than usual copy (OS-Windows XP) using VB6.. any help plz..


Hi xirosen,
Do you have written any code? You can use winsock etc to transfer file over LAN/Internet.

It all depends if you send it via LAN or online. It then depends on your LAN speed, 10 or 100 Mbps, or if online the connection speed you have. Then of course it all depends on your system resources, RAM, CPU etc and how many applications is running whilst copying data over.

Attached is a small app using winsock over a LAN

this what i have.

dim sourcef,destf
sourcef = "\\pc1\backup\DB.bak"
destf = "d:\DB.bak"
filecopy sourcef,destf

this works but i can't see the status or how many percent is done copying. and i
also want to make much faster copy than this.

xirosen, did you have a look at the attachment? It covers exactly what you have above WITH a progressbar. You need to establish the size of the backup file, break it down and then show the progressbar's value increasing after every byte copied.

As far as faster is concerned, have a look at my previous post, it all depends on YOUR system. If you drive a toyota and expects it to be as fast as a Ferrari, you need to do something to the engine to reach faster speeds. The same goes for a file transfer on LAN, depending on RAM, CPU, drivers, Cable/wireless speeds etc.