I think these req's might be impossible.

1. Upload a .hdrs file containing hundreds of thousands of email headers. All headers (each email header record) in this file contains many identical and many different header fields. These email headers are generated from Spam Reports.

2. Return all unique headers and a count of how often they appear in the file and display it to the user in a list box. From there the user selects which headers to export to a csv file.

3. Here is where it gets tricky. You cannot use a hashtable to stack one header col next to another in the csv file.
If the first header record has a field for To, Date, and CC and there is no CC data in that header record, CC has to display a blank cell in the csv file. ALSO.... If there are multiple CC email addresses, each address must be in its own cell.

Here is an example:

TO, Date, CC
123@email.com, 5/5/2005, ccRecipient_1@smashHeadOnKeybord.org
456@email.com, 5/9/2007,
789@email.com, 1/1/2010, pie@mmmmm.com

Any help would be much appreciated. I need to actually go to sleep tonight


What have you considered or tried? Post up what you have done, and we'll help answer any questions we can.