Here's a simple question.
=> to use scipy special package function in my python prog (python2.6).

1. Downloaded & intalled numpy for python2.6
2. Downloaded & intalled scipy (scipy-0.8.0-win32-superpack-python2.6.exe)

import numpy
import scipy

- everything's ok

According to scipy docs, a package needs to be loaded before a function from it can be called (for reference: the function I need is Bessel modified function of first kind of any real order).

Tried (from interpreter):
from scipy import special

- CRASH! >:/

Tried from file Content of

from scipy import special
print "Hello!"

Run from command line:

- CRASH! >:/

Any ideas how to get this package loaded? Or how to get Bessel modified function of first kind of any real order otherwise?

It woudln't work because package scipy.special wouldn't load at all. However, I did find solution for this problem: scipy.special requires numpy version at least 1.4. So, I installed numpy 1.5 and it all works just beautifully :-)

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