Here's a simple question.
=> to use scipy special package function in my python prog (python2.6).

1. Downloaded & intalled numpy for python2.6
2. Downloaded & intalled scipy (scipy-0.8.0-win32-superpack-python2.6.exe)

import numpy
import scipy

- everything's ok

According to scipy docs, a package needs to be loaded before a function from it can be called (for reference: the function I need is Bessel modified function of first kind of any real order).

Tried (from interpreter):
from scipy import special

- CRASH! >:/

Tried from file Content of

from scipy import special
print "Hello!"

Run from command line:

- CRASH! >:/

Any ideas how to get this package loaded? Or how to get Bessel modified function of first kind of any real order otherwise?

I don't know if it is this function but this should work.

from scipy.special import kv

Happy coding

It woudln't work because package scipy.special wouldn't load at all. However, I did find solution for this problem: scipy.special requires numpy version at least 1.4. So, I installed numpy 1.5 and it all works just beautifully :-)