Hello friends,I need help to create a program which converts a given dfa to minimised dfa.Not many articles or help is available on the internet and so i request your help.The program can be in any language and any input may be assumed..say for the input,a dfa is given through a text file which may contain the input parameters in a specified form ,If anyone has done this assignment or have any idea please help as i really cant understand how to even start off with the problem.There are some applets available but source code is not available as i could atleast try to understand how to solve the problem if the code is known and try to implement it in C or C++.any links to useful information would also be helpful..please help.

The outside sources may have become scarce, but you can always try and work it out, yourself.

The language is not the problem, but the logic you will need, to do this -- that's what you need.

Do you know how to transform this data from one type to the other, yourself - without a computer?

If so, start writing down the steps you would take, as specifically as possible.

With that, and a few examples of typical input and output, you can come up with the skeleton of the program.

Now you've reduced the problem from a "holy shit" to a manageable C problem, and we will then be able to help with what has you stumped.

Get that first part, done up. If you are able to google up some code for idea's, OK. If not, you'll still have a way to finish the assignment or project. And you'll have learned a lot in the process.

So will I. ;)

Wiki has some info on this: