Private Function atoz() As String
' Lower Case
Chr(97 + Rnd() * 862150000 Mod 26)  ' produces a-z
End Function
Private Function ZerotoNine() As String
' Numbers
Chr(48 + Rnd() * 862150000 Mod 10) 'produces 0-9
End Function

Quick question(this is not homework by the way)the above code does as it says.produces a to z and 0 to 9 but I'd like to combine both so that it will output a to 9


My application is generating random letters and numbers which are added to a listbox,however I dont want to concatenate atoz & ZerotoNine,what I'd like to do is combine both as I've stated earlier in one string variable,I tried various different methods to achieve this but I have not been successful..

any help would be appreciated.
thank you for your time.

How about producing a random number between 1 and 34 ? This is the index to a 34 line array which contains a-z and 0-9.


yes that would be an easier way of doing it..didn't think of that

thanks Denis

No problem - glad it works for you.


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