Hi sorry about this kind of nooby question but i have started learning java and i am making a Chat Application, i am making it using the killer game programming in java book. But i have ran into a problem.

The Code asks me to import

import javax.servlet.*;
      import javax.servlet.http.*;

but according to my IDE netbeans 6.9

Package javax.servlet.*; does not exist.
Package javax.servlet.http.*; does not exist.

These imports play a huge part in the project as you need the servlets for parts such as these

public class ChatServlet extends HttpServlet 
   private ChatGroup cg;   // for storing client information

   public void init() throws ServletException
   {  cg = new ChatGroup();  }

   public void doGet( HttpServletRequest request,
                      HttpServletResponse response )
      throws ServletException, IOException
   // look at the cmd parameter to decide which message the client sent
     String command = request.getParameter("cmd");
     System.out.println("Command: " + command);

     if (command.equals("hi"))
       processHi(request, response);
     else if (command.equals("bye"))
       processBye(request, response);
     else if (command.equals("who"))
     else if (command.equals("msg"))
       processMsg(request, response);
     else if (command.equals("read"))
       processRead(request, response);
       System.out.println("Did not understand command: " + command);
   }  // end of doGet()

  private void processHi(HttpServletRequest request,
                         HttpServletResponse response)
    throws IOException
  /* Message format: ChatServlet?cmd=hi&name=??  
     The client wants to join the chat group. 
     The server returns a uid cookie, or rejects the client.
    int uid = -1;  // default for failure
    String userName = request.getParameter("name");

    if (userName != null)
      uid = cg.addUser(userName);  // attempt to add to group

    if (uid != -1) {  // the request has been accepted
      Cookie c = new Cookie("uid", ""+uid);
    PrintWriter output = response.getWriter();
    if (uid != -1)
      output.println("no");  // request was rejected
  }  // end of processHi()

If you wanted i would put the full code of the .java file down, just ask on the post.

Thanks in advance


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Ok i thought i already had it, but i will install the java web from your link thanks for it!


Hi well thanks that didn't seem to work for some reason... so instead i found a zip file containing all the javax.servlet classes aswell as the javax.http classes. I have downloaded them from the internet from here but i have no idea how to use these classes i was just wondering if anyone could help me use these class files in my netbeans ide ?


You can add references to the jar files in the Libraries section of your Project Properties. You can get to them by right-clicking the project in the browswer or through the File menu.

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