Hi can anybody help me with this program? Thanks

Write a program that reads a file with a record containing a user id number (SSN), a course number (2 letters and 3 numbers, e.g. IT303), a letter grade, and the number of credit hours. Using a case statement, determine the number of points for that course. Keep a running total of the points and credit hours for eachperson. Also keep a count of the total points and the total credit hours. For each person display the name, total credit hours taken, and the GPA for the term. At then end display the total number of credit hours for all students and the GPA for the school for term. Write a flowchart and the code. Dont forget to check for valid letter grade and credit hours (an't be more than 9 hours)

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What have you done so far besides ask us for help?

I looked at, I asks my friend, asked my techer and I still dont understand the program. Can you help?

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