Is there any real concern with using iostream.h and stdio.h in the same program?
Sometimes I feel like printf, and sometimes I feel like cout.

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I think my main concern would be the ugly mess that you'd get as a result of mixing the two :)

iostream.h is obsolete. Use <iostream> (without .h extension). The iostream class was changed somewhat. If you are using an ancient compiler that does not have <iostream> then you should upgrade to a newer compiler. Any attenpt to use iostreams with ancient compilers will teach you nothing at all about modern c++ standards.

I feel your pain about using stdio.h functions -- I too occasionally resort to printf() when complex formatting is needed.

iostream.h is obsolete. Use <iostream> (without .h extension).

I have been out of the loop for a few years and am trying to get caught up. I am currently using VC++ 6.0, I tryed the free MS 'vcexpress' offering but I found it diicult to access the parellel port. ( I will post later for advice on inpout32.dll). Currently I am using userport.

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