this is my code snippets to capture data from a textfile

                        // to store the stopwords
			File file8 = new File("stoplist3.txt");
                        FileInputStream stopStream = new FileInputStream (file8);

                        InputStreamReader reader8 = new InputStreamReader(stopStream);
                        StreamTokenizer stopToken = new StreamTokenizer(reader8);

                        List stopWordList = new ArrayList();
			//stopwords up to here

i don't have any problem with the code.this is embarrassing but here goes...where do i put the "stoplist3.txt" in order for netbeans to be able to retrieve it's position?

Thanks in advance.

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It depends on where you are running your code from. Netbeans has the ability to generate a runnable jar file (which I assume you have figured out). By default it places it in a directory called "dist" under where you save you project (default MyDocuments\NetbeansProjects\<Project_Name>).

If you generate the jar file, then place the file in the dist directory you should be able to run it.

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