I have prepared one report in Crystal Report 8.5 and the front end is VB 6. But the problem when I assigned number of copies to print as 4, in the title portion of the first copy it should show as "DEPOSITORS COPY" in second copy it should show as "BANK COPY" and in third copy it should be " DEPARTMENT COPY" and the last should bear "OFFICE COPY".
The rest of the text in the Report remains same in all the four copy.

So. pl help me how can I prepare such report in CR 8.5.

(Kehar singh)

ok. but what is hard core. it is new concept for me. pl mention in detail.

you need to create each copy.


Ok I made four different copies but how to give command to print all the four copies
from one print command. One print comand cannot be use for four different report file.
Give suggestion in details.