i get this error

Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression

"FROM (Employee LEFT JOIN DaySchedule ON Employee.[Employee Number] = DaySchedule.[Employee Number] " +
"RIGHT JOIN Rules ON Employee.[Default Shift Code] = Rules.[Rule Name]) " +

What is the extra + on the end doing?

What is the extra + on the end doing?

Becuase i just wanted help with the join statement, but the rest is right here.

"WHERE Rules.[Rule Name] = '" + Del + "' " + 
"GROUP BY Employee.[Employee Number], Employee.[Last Name], DaySchedule![Shift Code Monday], " +
"DaySchedule.[Shift Code Tuesday], DaySchedule.[Shift Code Wednesday], DaySchedule.[Shift Code Thursday], " +
"DaySchedule.[Shift Code Friday], DaySchedule.[Shift Code Saturday], DaySchedule.[Week Number]";

please someone help

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