hi i am new to c++...i have a learnt a lot about the basics. i now want to procede to the graphics part. i dont know even a little bit of the graphics part....pls help me.. i am using dev C++

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First of all get a different compiler because that one is old and obsolete. Get either Code::Blocks/MinGW or VC++ 2010 Express, both are free.

Now you have a choice of using pure win32 api functions for graphics, or wxWidgets c++ class library (there are probably others too.) Both have online tutorials that you can easily find with google.


i agree with ancient dragon i had to use dev c++ but there are a lot better compilers out there. if you need to use dev-c++ like i had to there are some tutorials out there.

this first one will help you set up the borland graphics interface with dev-c++. just scroll down till it says "How do I use Borland Graphics Interface (graphics.h)?" this will give you the specific libraries you will need to download to add to enable graphics with dev-c++


this second one is the tutorial that i used to get me started off. its great and should be a lot of help. the difference between using dev-c++ and other newer compilers is that you will have to manually add code to the resources page. this tutorial explains this all.


hope this helps

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