Hey guys ...
I'm using VB6
and I need some help
I have 3 forms
the first form contains "listbox" and "add" button and "edit" button
the second one contains a bunch of textboxes and "save" button
the third one contains labels
now when I click add button it goes to form2 to fill the textboxes
and what I need is when I click save , I want them to be in "1 item" in the listbox
and when I choose the item , I want all the texts I wrote turn into labels in form3
and when I click the edit button , I want to be able to edit the texts I wrote .
and the last thing I want the list box to be saved so when I exit the program the list box still the same .
I hope u understand what I meant xD , sorry for my bad english
thanks .

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I guess , I've seem a lot of programs created by VB6 and they can save what you've done .
anyway even if it's not possible it's not that important
I just need an answer to the first 3 questions .


SCO, I think first your listbox item should be saved in file or DB etc. so that you can load listbox item from where you have saved. secondly I think ListView control is better than ListBox in such needs.



If you want to save simple details you can try saving to the registry?

SaveSetting App.Name, "Section", "Key", "text"
text1.text = getsetting(App.Name, "Section", "Key")

This will then save it to the registry

hope this helps?


Hey guys , thanks that's just what I needed .

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