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I am looking for an example of a call to bind.exe. The documentation on this platform sdk program is unclear. I would like to bind an .exe file to a specific .dll. How should I code the bind command? Please don't ask me to enter " bind /?" from the command line. That ain't gonna help me.


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My version of Windows 7 does not have a bind.exe, and it isn't in the Windows SDK/bin directory either.

According to this bind.exe may be a virus.

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I have bind.exe, as part of Visual Studio C/C++ 6.0. It is in the

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Tools

I looked at it with a hex editor, and neither I nor my AV program (scanned it twice), see any indications that it's a virus**. It says it binds an image to a dll file. I haven't used it, and for an answer to your question, I'd refer you to the MSDN library.

**doesn't mean it couldn't be malware of some kind


Apparently Microsoft no longer supports that program. The bin.exe in the link I gave you most likely is no the same one you have.

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