I want to read the registry of usb


in this

Name Type Data
start REG_DWORD 0x00000003(3)

when double click it gives value in Hex 3

How to read this value 3 or data 0x00000003(3)

How to create this code in c language??? How to do it guys
If any sample code to read registry plz give me??

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Plz anybody tell me How to read the registry file....

It's a bit like how to read a file, but you're going to read the windows registry. First you have to call RegOpenKey() to get a handle to the registry key entry, and then RegQueryValueEx() to acaully read the key entry, finally RegCloseKey(). You can find all those functions, and others too, from here

If you want examples, then just use google and you will find lots of them.

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