Hi, i have downloaded 3d blender and Python 2.5 and tried to run Python with blender for the use of importing models, but when i tried to import the model a message came up in the command prompt saying :

module use of python25.dll conflicts with this version of python

This error occurs after clicking the button import from the collada blender library and prevents the import of collada files into 3d blender. However when comparing to another computer with the same version of python installed everything is the same to the other computer which works so what would make this computer different (different as in not working)?
Can anybody tell me why or help me to figure it out...
Any help would be muchly appreciated...

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I think that definatelly it's a bad version installed.

Try to redownload and install the proper ones.

Cheers and Happy coding

Check if the order of installations (Python first then Blender) makes a difference.

thank you both for the help, the problem is now fixed, l had Python 2.7 installed and only needed Python 2.6, thank you again for the help....

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