I have written a program that works well on xp. However when I install it on vista it crashes. I simply used publish and don't really know where to start looking. I have checked and net framework is on vista pc.

Any help welcome please.

To be honest, there are so many possible incompatibility issues between XP and Vista that it would be difficult to pinpoint a specific problem without looking at the code or knowing specifically what is being done and how within the program.

You've indicated that the .Net framework is installed on the Vista PC so that 'should' eliminate any issue related to missing framework.

It is, however, possible that there are system level controls that you are accessing within the program that are present in XP but not Vista. That being said, it brings us back to what I said originally in that it would be necessary to see the program code itself or an outline of what is being performed and how.

EDIT: What I might recommend as a first step is to attempt to run the application in 'compatibility mode' on the Vista PC using XP compatibility. If it works that way then at least you know it's a vista issue and not some other missing component that the program calls upon that is on the XP and not the Vista system.

Thank you for your response.
The problem has now changed. I published the code and tried to run it on my xp, it also crashes. I can't figure this because it works beautifully using the ide.

Are there any specific system-generated errors that appear when it crashes? (generally windows will give a wonderfully cryptic error message and offer to send the error report to microsoft) This might help pinpoint the nature of the issue to some degree.

EDIT: One other thing I just thought of... Are there any assemblies you are loading into your application at design time that are perhaps not being packaged properly with the distributable?

Thank you Luisphur.
I looked through the MS error report and I noticeit's looking for a CustomOpenFileDialog file. This is one that I downloaded and tried out, the deleted it from the project. Here's the rub, I can't find a trace of it in my program, doing a text search for Custom etc, and looking at every file in the project.

Somewhere in this program's DNA it knows about the file, any suggestions to deal with this?

Gah, for the life of me I know where it should be but I can't recall it at this moment........

Are you using MS Visual C# (VS) for your coding? If so have you checked the References list for your project and the includes in your code?

Also, you could check in the .Designer.cs file(s) for references to the no longer used file(s).