Write a C/C++ program to read a text file and count the number of occurances
of the words present in the file. Display the words in sorted order (increasing
order of their counts). Your program should be structured as follows:
readFile.cpp: file handling file
-- functions to read a text file
readFile.h: function declaration of the functions present in readFile.cpp
charHandle.cpp: string handling file
-- any function which performs string manipulation
1. extracting strings from the buffer read from the read function define
in readFile.cpp
2. counting of the words
charHandle.h: function declaration
wordSort.cpp: sort handling file.
-- all the sorting related function should be placed under this file.
wordSort.h: sort functions declarations
myProg.cpp: the file which contains only main() function.
Note: you can give the file name of your choice. If required, you can also create
more files and more functions. Every module/function should be as small as
possible i.e., each module should perform smallest possible task.
All the user's data type declarations/ function declarations should be placed
under *.h files. The definition of the functions should be placed under *.cpp
files. The main program should have only the main function.

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